Fruitcake Song

This piece makes a great repeat pattern for Christmas wrapping paper or separate the illustrations for fun holiday greeting cards and napkins. This piece was inspired by “The Fruitcake Song” by Mannheim Steamroller. It also became a musical eCard for the holidays.

Christmas repeat pattern art licensing by Andy Bauer

Christmas repeat pattern art licensing by Andy Bauer

This whimisical classic Christmas artwork makes ideal Christmas wrapping paper.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Art Licensing Andy Bauer

Bake the Fruitcake by Andy Bauer

Eggnog by Andy Bauer

Yuletide Log by Andy Bauer

Baste the Turkey Beast by Andy Bauer

Gulp the Grog by Andy Bauer

Santa Claus is Coming! By Andy Bauer

Seuss whoville inspired decorations instruments by Andy Bauer

Below is an example of my motion graphics style using the elements from this piece, “Fruitcake Song”. Visit my motion graphics collection here.