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Retro Halloween Spooktacular – Tee Lake Halloween

At Tee Lake Resort, we do a huge Halloween event for 31 nights. ( Every year I create a new t-shirt design. This year’s design was inspired by retro Halloween posters and flyers that typically promote an event or band. Andy Bauer in the retro Halloween t-shirt, Dave Gugel in the Halloween Spooktacular sweatshirt and […]

MenAlive! 2014 Season

MenAlive, the Orange County, California, Gay Men’s Chorus, commissioned me to develop concepts and illustrate posters for their 2014 season line-up. Art Direction by Dean McCleskey & Clayton Lloyd. “A Snowy White Christmas” “A Tribute to The Beatles” “Practically Perfect Poppins” “Candlelight Vespers” “Top of the Charts” As seen in the 2013 brochure & postcard to […]